Forever Hypnotized by the Ocean

I can’t figure out what’s more satisfying; watching the ocean or floating in it.

Either way, the mesmerizing rush of the water’s movement always reminds me of nature’s incredible power.

Staring at the ocean for long periods of time will never bore me. It’s amazing to watch the rippling sea crest into white capped waves that cascade towards the earth and smash against the shore, only to gently caress the land as they roll leisurely back out to sea.

This endless motion of waves attacking and then embracing the earth resembles a dance, and it’s inspiring that such beauty exists without human intervention.


Nature is the most captivating work of art in existence.

Equally as enchanting as observing the ocean’s dance is experiencing the movement first hand as you swim. Whether it be bright turquoise or a deep royal blue, the hue of the sea is always transparent enough that you can see everything around you.

While treading water, the ocean pulls you in every direction with enough force that you become a part of the dance. You rise with the building waves and gently slide down as the wave passes you.

There is nothing like immersing yourself in the waves to remind you of humans’ insignificance in comparison to the natural world. While people continue to try and manipulate the environment to serve our materialistic needs, the earth still holds more raw power than humans ever will.

hawaii ocean

On the last page of “An Inconvenient Truth”, Al Gore says of the Earth, “It is our only home. And we must take care of it”.

With these simple, straightforward words, he emphasizes that we are simply visitors on this vast planet. We need to respect the purity of what existed here before us.

Floating in the ocean and getting pulled by the waves reinforces that nature has power over us. The ocean commands and controls everything that dwells in and around it.

If one tries to overcome the environment, the world’s natural state will restore itself and the earth will fight back. But if one respects the environment, and chooses to marvel at its wonders rather than destroy it, nature will embrace you into its beauty.

bermuda travel

I’d like to end with a passage from a book I recently read called “Waking Up In Eden”. The author, Lucinda Fleeson, deserted her comfortable job and suburban lifestyle in Pennsylvania and moved to Kauai, Hawaii to work for the National Tropical Botanical Gardens. Her novel highlights the life-changing experiences she had while living in touch with nature, and this passage embodies how beautiful and vast the earth can be.

“The endless stretch of turquoise Pacific, the meeting ground of sand and surf and the glow of the sun, put me in a state of serene coexistence with the island elements. The sea reminded me of its infinite power to break mountains into grains of sand, to wash away entire islands, to rise and fall in waves for vast, endless eons. I saw our human world as subject to its rhythms and pace, as it undulates and roars without acknowledgement of our presence” (Fleeson, 163).

gerringong waves beach Australia

waves Australia

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