Amazing Apple Oatmeal

During autumn, nothing warms up a chilly morning like a big bowl of oatmeal.

Oats are a staple food to have as a student due to their low cost and easy preparation, and they’re so healthy which is always a plus. As someone who gets overly excited about food, my favorite part about having oatmeal for breakfast is that I get to prepare and decorate it differently every day. You could say it’s the highlight of my day (just kidding my life isn’t that sad).

Yesterday I made an amazing concoction of apple cinnamon oatmeal cooked in coconut milk and topped with a peanut butter sauce. It was so delicious that I thought I should share it!

Also it’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe on here, and I know all six of the people who consistently read my blog are just dying to read about more of my culinary masterpieces.

oatmeal healthy food

So here is the recipe for my fabulous apple oatmeal!


1 apple



coconut milk

coconut oil


peanut butter

chia and flax seeds


1. Chop the apple into small pieces.

2. Put half of the apple in a pot with a spoonful of coconut oil, a spoonful of honey, and a small splash of coconut milk.

3. Simmer on low-medium heat until the apple is soft.

4. Add oats and coconut milk (I used about 1/2 cup of oats and just kept pouring in milk until it reached the consistency I wanted).

5. Stir in cinnamon and a few spoonfuls of chia and flax seeds.

6. While the oatmeal is cooking, microwave a large spoonful of peanut butter with a little coconut milk for about 20 seconds.

7. Stir the peanut butter and coconut milk until creamy. Microwave for longer if the peanut butter is still hard.

8. After about 10-15 minutes, or until the oats are softened and have absorbed most of the coconut milk, pour the oatmeal  into a bowl.

9. Pour the peanut butter sauce on top, then top with the other half of the apple, a splash of coconut milk and sprinkle more cinnamon.

10. Try not to burn your tongue from inhaling the finished product too fast.

cinnamon healthy chia seed healthy vegan  coconut milk vegan food

This recipe can obviously be modified in any way, I bet it would taste incredible with almond milk instead of coconut as well. The chia and flax seeds aren’t necessary, just a nice little health boost and I’m sure any seeds can be substituted.

Also, the only reason I turned the peanut butter into a sauce is because the brand I used is extremely thick and crunchy and doesn’t spread well without being microwaved and mixed with a liquid. So if you’re using soft peanut butter, you don’t really need to do steps 6 and 7. However, the peanut butter sauce was super creamy and sweet from the coconut milk and it was absolutely delicious so I highly recommend doing what I did.

vegan food healthy

Also, I would have loved to use walnuts as a topping, but I’m on a college student budget so nuts are out of the picture for the moment. Anyone who has walnuts, definitely add them to the oatmeal and let me know how awesome it is so I can be jealous.

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2 thoughts on “Amazing Apple Oatmeal

  1. Elly

    Hi Gabby,
    Lovely! We may have met a few years ago ….I’m Russell’s sister and also love to grow, eat, prepare, photograph and write about beautiful real food like your oatmeal! thanks for sharing.


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