Ab Workout

I always feel so inadequate when I can’t think of clever titles. But in all seriousness, this post is about an ab workout–so while my title isn’t creative or thought-inducing, at least it’s straightforward and concise.

Now that I’ve justified my choice of title, I will explain my most recent ab workout! HORRAY FOR FITNESS! Since I’ve been somewhat addicted to exercising for some time now, I’m surprised that I haven’t written more fitness-related blog posts.

Mainly I just haven’t had the time, and also because I’m not very good at planning, tracking, or recording my workouts. Unless I’m traveling or sick or otherwise occupied, I try to exercise every day, but that’s the only consistency in my workout habits.

So earlier this week, I went to the gym in between classes and randomly put together this ab workout as I went along. The next day my abs were so sore that I had trouble sitting up in bed when I woke up, and my fellow fitness fanatics will agree that this is the best feeling ever.

Then surprisingly enough when I went to the gym today with the intention of working abs again, I remembered my workout from the other day, and that made me ridiculously excited so I repeated it today and decided I should share it with the world.

Equipment you’ll need: Ab wheel, cable machine, 4kg kettlebell, 8kg dumbbell, 14kg dumbbell.

(Keep in mind these weights are in kilograms, not pounds. This confused the life out of me the first time I went to the gym in the UK. Damn you, America, for being different than everywhere else in the world. But 1 kg is roughly two times heavier than 1 lb, if that makes it easier. So those number I listed for kgs, just double them. So 4kg is 8lbs.)

(Also keep in mind that these weights will differ depending on your fitness level, so obviously use whatever weight works for you!)

Circuit 1: repeat 3 times

  • 10 rollouts using the ab wheel
  • 10 bent legged jacknifes using 8kg dumbbell
  • 40 russian twists using 8kg dumbbell
  • 10 flutter kicks
  • 10 straight leg sit-ups using 8kg dumbbell

Circuit 2: repeat 3 times

  • 10 standing oblique crunches on each side using 14 kg dumbbell
  • 10 standing oblique crunches on each side, with 14 kg dumbbell in front of your leg
  • 10 standing oblique crunches on each side, with 14 kg dumbbell behind your leg
  • 10 standing oblique crunches on each side using 14 kg dumbbell
  • 10 crossover swings on each side using 4 kg kettlebell

3 sets of 10 on each side

  • oblique crossovers using cable machine

Do each of these one time and you’re done!

  • 10 oblique crunches on each side (in plank position)
  • 40 crossover crunches on each side
  • 20 heel touches
  • 20 leg raises w/ hip raise
  • 40 bicycle crunches
  • 20 swivel planks on each side

So that’s the workout–If you do the whole thing through with the right amount of weight I promise your core will be on fire. Some of the moves I listed go by multiple different names, so I apologize if it is confusing.

Also I apologize that this post has no pictures..it looks so lifeless and boring without any visuals and that makes me sad. But the gym is my happy and peaceful place so I never bring my phone to avoid distractions, therefore I can’t take any photos.

However I did need to set a featured image for the header of this post, and since I have no pictures that are relevant to an ab workout, I went with a picture of some beautiful berries I picked from my backyard this past summer. It may seem super random, but eating the right food is just as important to a healthy lifestyle as exercising is. And tell me those berries aren’t absolutely gorgeous.

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