10 Things To Do In Stockholm

10 ways to enjoy the Scandinavian culture and winter beauty in Stockholm.

Normally when I travel to a new city, I have a rough idea of the attractions I want to see, local food I want to try, and activities I want to do. But prior to visiting Stockholm with my two friends from school, I barely did any research and entered the country with no plan.

Now that I’ve experienced the charm of the Swedish capital, I thought it might be useful to formulate a list of the most noteworthy things I encountered on the trip.

So if anyone were to ask me for recommendations about Stockholm, here is the advice I would give.

1. Embrace The Cold.

Traveling to Scandinavia in the winter might not be ideal, but the snow flurries that welcomed us when we stepped off the plane were surprisingly welcoming, and the frigid air kept our adrenaline up as we explored.

Winter is off-season in Europe so flights are super cheap, and the wintery landscape made driving through the countryside that much more beautiful.

2. Indulge In Bakery Treats.

High quality bakeries are staples of Scandinavia, as the heartwarming breads and desserts keep the body nourished and happy during the harsh winters.

Fabrique is an exceptionally good bakery, and be sure to try the famous cinnamon rolls here. They are soft, sweet, and simple, and the one dusted with black pepper and cardamom CHANGED MY LIFE.

bakery stockholm sweden

bakery stockholm Sweden

3. Visit The Fotografiska (Museum of Photography).

Stockholm has so many museums, but if there’s one that will really blow your mind it’s this one. I’ve never been so emotionally moved by photographs before visiting this collection, and the view from the cafe is stunning.

museum Stockholm Sweden

4. Walk along the water.

You’ll find this task incredibly easy to achieve since Stockholm is composed of numerous islands connected by bridges, so water seems to follow you wherever you go.

But this abundance of canals and lakes leads to many gorgeous views, where the towering architecture of the city reflects in the glassy surface of the dark water.

gamla stan Stockholm sweden views

stockholm Sweden travel

5. Go Shopping.

Many designers and popular clothing stores are originally Swedish, so they have great shops in the city for decent prices. The more you wander, the more you will stumble across interesting shops, whether they are name brands or not.

6. Get Brunch In Södermalm.

This district of the city is known for its trendy shops and quirky restaurants, so it’s great for shopping and eating out. But who doesn’t love a nice hearty brunch once in a while? Avocado toast and Acai bowls are gifts from the gods.

brunch in stockholm Sweden

7. Search For Meal Deals And Discounts.

I’m not exaggerating when I say Stockholm is the most expensive city I’ve been to, but if you look hard enough you can find affordable food specials.

For example, my friends and I ventured to a Mexican bar on ‘Taco Tuesday’, so we were able to enjoy some delicious tacos for pretty cheap.

8. Stroll Through Gamla Stan, the historical district.

Featuring cobblestone alleyways, tightly packed buildings of faded pastel hues, ornate churches, and a relaxed vibe, this area is beautiful and has endless streets to explore.

gamla stan Stockholm


9. Browse A Candy Store.

Even if you’re not planning on buying anything, candy shops always charm you with colorful sweets and sugary aromas. Swedish candy shops are filled with chocolates in metallic wrappings and overflowing buckets of traditional salty licorice.

10. Watch The Sunset.

While sunsets are amazing anywhere in the world, there was something magical about the orange and pink sky igniting the dark, shadowy water and warming the icy atmosphere.

Ok, the sunset didn’t warm the air, actually it got colder as the sun went down (obviously). But the scenery was so incredible that we forgot about our frozen toes for a moment and just marveled at the harmony between the colors of nature and the vibrance of the city.

sunset stockholm Sweden


friends Stockholm Swedenstockholm sweden winter travel

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10 THINGS TO DO IN stockholm Sweden



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