Why I Fell In Love With Croatia

Stories from my travels in Croatia, and how these experiences left me infatuated with this cozy little Balkan country.

Picking a favorite travel destination is near impossible. But out of all the traveling I’ve done so far, Croatia stands out as one of the best.

Croatia travel

Croatia travel dubrovnik

As a huge sucker for natural beauty, Croatia’s landscape amazed me every single day.

Despite the heaviness of my eyes on my 6am RyanAir flight to Osijek, I found myself smiling out the window at the endless green of the mountainous land below me. I hadn’t even set foot on the ground yet, and already I was in love with how rich and seemingly untouched by man Croatia looked.

My opinion of the country only improved with every train journey, every bus ride, and every walk I took. After spending almost 30 hours on public transport throughout the course of my trip, I have traveled through quite a large portion of Croatia and I’ve been lucky enough to witness the pure, thriving natural life that manifests itself in the mountains, valleys, rivers, islands, waterfalls, forests, and beaches.

I’ve seen misty sunrises, saturated sunsets, furious thunderstorms, and long, lazy days where the sun blazes down mercilessly from the cerulean sky. The land welcomes these atmospheric forces and embraces them to create a diverse and peaceful environment.

The rain enhances the lush greenery, the sun intensifies the glow of the sparkling ocean, the wind cools the heat of the rocky beaches, and the sunsets infuse the sky with color to offset the tired shadows that begin to envelop the world in preparation for night.

Croatia exists in a state of intoxicating natural harmony, and I feel blessed to have been able to see it. #blessed

Croatia travel krka national park

Croatia travel plitvice lakes

Croatia travel waterfalls

Believe it or not, I didn’t spend my entire trip just staring at nature and silently tearing up over how beautiful it is. I also had many unforgettable experiences in Croatia that deepened my connection with the culture.

First of all, I found myself consistently impressed with the hospitality and friendly nature of the locals.

One of my favorite moments occurred as I was sitting on a bench in Osijek, devouring a box of strawberries while waiting for a train when an old man hobbled over and sat next to me. After covering that I spoke no Croatian, and he spoke no English, we continued to have a broken yet somewhat successful conversation using hand gestures and facial expressions. He even offered me some vodka from the bottle in his shirt pocket. As I struggled to explain to him that I normally don’t accept alcohol from strangers in foreign countries at 9am in the morning, I realized that these are the moments that make traveling worthwhile.

Though our conversation didn’t get very far, and he was a little put-off that I didn’t want his vodka, his sweet, friendly nature brought me happiness and I know that I will never forget that hilarious encounter.

Croatia travel osijekCroatia travel nature

Croatia travel zagreb

My encounters with friendly Croatians continued throughout my trip. In Zagreb, after the pouring rain forced me to hibernate in a cafe for 2 hours, I learned so many interesting things about the city from a local who struck up a conversation with me.

In Split, I stayed at a hostel where Josko, the owner, made me feel so at home that I didn’t want to leave. His mother cooked us a delicious breakfast, and his grandfather prepared homemade Rakija, the traditional Croatian alcohol, which was served to everyone in a glass skull. (If you’re ever looking for a place to stay in Split, Split Guesthouse & Hostel is the best hostel I’ve ever stayed in!)

In Dubrovnik, I met the cousin of a friend, who invited me to his restaurant and gave me an incredible complimentary lunch. The staff at every hostel I stayed in were incredibly helpful and welcoming, and these heartwarming experiences made my stay in Croatia that much more enjoyable.

Croatia travel street art

Croatia travel ocean

Croatia’s diverse landscape and thriving tourism industry also provided me with numerous amazing activities to take advantage of.

The cheap public transport allowed me to embark on some lovely day trips, one of my favorite being Lokrum Island. Only a 15 minute ferry ride from Dubrovnik, I ventured to here one afternoon and found myself immersed in a beautiful little oasis filled with interesting wildlife and calming forests.

The island was chaotic when I first stepped off the boat, as all the Hawaiian shirt wearing, selfie-stick carrying tourists conglomerated in that area. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that simply hiking 10 minutes into the woods transported me to a state of serenity, where the shouting of tourists faded and the peaceful sounds of nature filled the scene.

Rather than spend my time at the designated swimming areas, with flat rocks and ladders providing access to the ocean, I found my own, secluded spot where I could carefully climb over the massive rocks and swim in the turquoise water by myself.

A combination of the rough waves, the cold water, and the closeness of the sharp rocks spiked my adrenaline, and I started half hyperventilating, half laughing out loud to myself as I floated through the crystal clear ocean. I did this, not to look like a crazy person, but because I honestly couldn’t stop myself. I was so thrilled to be there, completely alone, in such refreshing water with such stunning weather, that I physically could not contain my happiness. This moment was truly surreal, and was definitely a highlight of my trip.

Croatia travel lokrum island

Croatia travel swimming

Though I did participate in many of Croatia’s tourist attractions, and I enjoyed every single one, I found that the less touristy aspects of the country made the biggest impression on me. Every National Park is incredible, every church is magnificent, and every museum is interesting, but Croatia offers so much more than these obvious sources of entertainment.

Every time the warm scent of fresh bread swirled around me, every time the soft grass of a public park caressed my skin, and every time a local flashed me a smile, I fell a little more in love with Croatia.

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