New England Appreciation Post

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There’s nothing quite as comforting as coming home.

Whether it’s coming home after a long day at work, or coming home after a year abroad; settling into a familiar place and letting your mind, body and soul fall into a state of peace unites pure happiness with bliss.

There are a few different places I consider home, but Boylston, Massachusetts represents the most familiar, comfortable, and beloved of these homes. This is where I’ve spent most of my life, and I don’t truly feel like I’m coming home until I’m on a flight into Boston Logan Airport.

New England holds a welcoming charm that exists throughout all seasons. The summers are warm and breezy, the spring is crisp, sunny, and promising. Even the winters can be beautiful despite the bitter cold. Driving through a quiet street with frosted trees hanging overhead like a snowy canopy is a truly stunning sight.

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But autumn is by far the best season, and I am thrilled to experience fall here for the first time in four years. The summer sun still warms the earth but sharp, chilly winds drift through the still-green trees to signal the coming seasonal change. The heat slowly subdues as the nights and mornings become refreshingly cold and misty. And, of course, the changing leaves color the earth with warm, glowing hues. The scent of fall that lingers in the air alone is enough to lift my spirits and rekindle my appreciation for New England.

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A definite perk of living in central Massachusetts is the abundance of woods. Rich, welcoming forests line every street, calling for adventurers to come and explore the dense wilderness.

In the summer, blackberries and raspberries grow all over the bushes whereas in the spring, beautiful colorful flowers ornament the landscape. Foxes, deer, birds, and lots of other animals roam the woods year-round, and there are plenty of marked hiking trails for strolling through the woodland.

But one should always beware of turkey families, which like to randomly walk into the road at a slow pace and terrify drivers. Also beware of the deer that like to prance in front of your car while driving at night.

The gorgeous landscape of New England reveals itself constantly. Every evening run blesses me with cool breezes and endless shade from towering trees. Every long drive blesses me with views of deep blue lakes and wide, scenic winding roads. I sleep better at night with the fresh, icy night air rolling through the windows and I shamelessly devour up to five apples a day. No apples can beat fresh apples from a New England orchard.

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The foliage, the forests, and the fruit definitely contribute to the unique pleasantry of New England, but this area holds something indescribable and special that really makes me feel at home.

Amazing cities like Boston or Providence and the beaches of Sebago Lake in Maine or Hampton Beach in New Hampshire have all given me great memories, but it’s the intangible aura of New England that entices me every time I return.

The wilderness is somehow regal, the weather is fearless and consistently charismatic. The spirit of New England is majestic and heartwarming, even in the dead of winter. Maybe it’s because after shoveling 10 feet of snow off your porch, you can sit inside with hot tea and watch the snowflakes dance around each other until they find their place on the branches of a giant oak tree. Or after mowing the lawn in the scorching summer sun, you can dive into a pool, lake, or pond to cleanse your sunburned body with the cold refreshing water. Or after raking thousands of leaves off the lawn, you can jump off a tree into the massive leaf pile that you just made (this was my favorite part of fall as a kid).

No matter what the scenario, New England gives you the opportunity to embrace nature and enjoy life in simple ways. That is what I love about coming home.

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