First Impressions of Costa Rica

After ten days of living and working at Dreamsea Surf Camp in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, I’m in a very interesting place in life.

On one hand, I’m relaxing in between jobs, napping on beautiful beaches and living completely immersed in nature. On the other hand, I’m learning new things, meeting countless new people, and trying to enhance my writing experience by crafting articles for the Dreamsea website. I am at peace with where I am in life, yet I am still eager to grow and change as a writer, as a traveler, and as a human being.

The pace of life here in Tamarindo is slow, yet full of adventure. We live by “Tico Time”, meaning when dinner is served at 7:30pm, it will probably be closer to 8pm. Everyone is happy to live in the moment, enjoying life without rushing or planning too far ahead. Despite this constant calmness I feel, every day is still packed with excitement. Between salsa dancing lessons, surfing lessons, and daily beach adventures, I’ve already had countless wonderful experiences and I’m not even close to done with my trip.

I’ve found it’s often the little things that really enhance an average day, so here are a few specific moments that have made my time memorable so far.

surf camp costa rica

Hula-hooping during downtime and attempting to learn cool tricks from my fellow volunteers

Getting caught in the rain at the beach and loving every second of it

Constantly hearing infectious latin and reggae music everywhere

Witnessing the most incredible sunsets night after night at Playa Tamarindo

costa rica sunset

Finding my backpack and bed frame to be infested with ants, cleaning them out nonchalantly, and somehow still feeling comfortable living in a tent

Finding beautiful shells and sand dollars at the beach

Wearing the same dirty clothes over and over without hesitation

Successfully fitting a huge group of people and lots of surfboards into one truck

costa rica travel

Playing with Mango and Tito, the camp dogs

Feeling hypnotized by some amazing fire dancers at a night club

Eating the most delicious homemade meals and having nightly group meetings after dinner

Playing ping pong and drinking games using the homemade wooden table

travel fun

Lounging in one of the many comfy hammocks draped around trees in the camp

Trudging through giant sticky mud puddles and somehow still having my flip flops afterwards

Feeling elated when I finally stood up on a surfboard for a full wave

Enjoying the most refreshing cold showers after a long day at the beach

tropical travel

Watching in awe as professional surfers slice through giant waves with ease

Noticing the darkness sparkle with fireflies at night

Brushing my teeth in the middle of the common space, at a small sink looking out into the jungle

Costa Rica jungle

Participating in peaceful morning yoga and other interesting practices like Chakra Cleansing and Dynamic Meditation

Hearing about the interesting lives and travels of other volunteers at Dreamsea


first impressions of Costa Rica

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