How To See Copenhagen In 48 Hours

A quick guide for exploring Copenhagen, Denmark, in just two days.

As a student, time restriction represents one of the biggest challenges to traveling. With classes, clubs, and a job, it can be difficult to try and squeeze in trips without neglecting any important obligations.

Furthermore, it can be difficult to truly enjoy a short trip without feeling pressured to see everything in limited time. Luckily, some cities are perfect for quick weekend trips, where you can hit all the main attractions in a couple days and leave feeling accomplished and cultured. Copenhagen represents one of these amazing cities.

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This quaint, Danish capital can be covered easily on foot, and most of the highlights are within relatively close distance of each other. So, while a busy schedule can detract from the idea of a long, leisurely vacation, Copenhagen makes for an ideal weekend getaway that promises beautiful sights and European cultural experiences without any stress.

Here’s your guide for how to see Copenhagen in 48 hours.

Best Sights To See in Copenhagen

1. City Hall Square

Right in the busy center of Copenhagen, this public square is home to towering, majestic buildings including the Palace Hotel and the City Hall.

2. The Royal Library

A quick browse through this massive library will bless you with amazing modern architecture and gorgeous views of the city through its gigantic glass windows.

3. Rosenborg Castle and Gardens

After marveling at the beauty of the Renaissance Castle, walking through the peaceful surrounding gardens represents a wonderful addition to the day.

4. Freetown Christiania

This colorful district allows you to escape the bustling city and immerse yourself in street art, dirt roads, and a carefree atmosphere. Complete with humble food trucks and musicians lazily strumming their guitars, a stroll through this area will leave you feeling relaxed and optimistic.

5. Nyhavn

Probably the most picturesque spot in Copenhagen, this iconic street of waterfront cafes and shops is a truly stunning sight. From the saturated hues of the colorful buildings, to the sailboats resting serenely on the smooth canal, Nyhavn adds a cozy sense of vibrance to the city.

6. Christiansborg Palace

Located near the city’s main canals, this elegant Palace towers over a spacious courtyard with its intricately detailed architecture and interesting statues.

(Another popular sight is the Little Mermaid Statue. However, it’s quite a far walk from the city center, and I’ve heard feedback from numerous people that the trek is not worth it. But if this iconic statue is high on your to-do list, you can always take the metro to save some time)
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nyhavn copenhagen denmark

Best Activities To Do in Copenhagen:

1. Tour the Botanical Gardens

After wandering through the lush outdoor gardens filled with streams and wildlife, enter the gigantic greenhouse to soak in the warm temperature and gaze at towering tropical trees and exotic plants.

2. Shop in Strøget

This major shopping street is home to a wide variety of cafes, restaurants, and popular stores, but if you look carefully you can find little local shops with stunning window displays and unique homemade goods.

3. Climb the Church of Our Savior Tower

On the outskirts of the Christiania borough, this beautiful Baroque church boasts a spiraled tower lined with shimmering gold. You can pay a small fee to climb the tower and though you’ll be extremely out of breath at the top, the sweeping views of the city and its canals is absolutely worth it.

4. Enjoy Tivoli Gardens

Complete with rides, restaurants, and performances, this famous amusement park and garden provides endless entertainment. During the Christmas season, the entire park is illuminated in holiday lights and decorations, and makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a vibrant Christmas snow globe.

5. Stroll through Christmas Markets

Though this only applies to the winter season, Copenhagen becomes home to numerous street markets filled with delicious treats, trinkets and gifts, and joyful Christmas decorations. The holiday season is a wonderful time to visit the city, because Copenhagen truly does embody the excitement of the Christmas spirit.

tivoli copenhagen denmark traveltivoli copenhagen denmark

church of our savior Denmark Copenhagen

Best Food To Try in Copenhagen:

1. Visit A Cafe

You really can’t walk down any street in Europe without stumbling across an adorable little cafe with outside seating and heartwarming drinks. Copenhagen’s cafes are endless, and you can generally find affordable lunches in these cozy places.

2. Have Brunch

Having a big, hearty brunch is a necessity in Copenhagen. Restaurants with high quality brunches can be on the expensive side, but you can always find hidden gems with fresh foods and student discounts. Also, most hostels offer either free or discounted breakfasts and brunches, so it is wise to take advantage of those.

3. Street Markets

If you do visit Copenhagen during the Holidays, Christmas markets provide cheap and delicious home-cooked foods including sausages, hot dogs, cheese, crepes, and desserts. There is also Copenhagen Street Food, an area filled with clusters of food trucks that provide affordable meals.

These sights, activities, and food tips will surely fill up two full days in Copenhagen, and they all fortunately adhere to a student budget. All of these places are centrally located and offer a chance to experience Danish culture in the heart of a historical and beautiful city.

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If you’re traveling to Denmark, visit to find out if you need a visa.

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