About Me

If you’re reading this page, you probably want to know some things about me. I will try to keep this personal summary brief; so if you want more enticing details about me like my favorite kind of apple or what instrument I played at age 10, you’ll just have to ask me in person (the answers are honeycrisp and clarinet; you’re welcome).

I am Gabby Boucher, a 23 year old from the USA, currently floating around and trying to figure my life out. Sounds cliche, am I right? I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies, and I’ve spent most of the last few years traveling for fun, volunteering abroad and working in hospitality. Right now, I’m living in beautiful New South Wales, Australia on a working holiday visa.

I meet so many young people who want to travel, but aren’t sure how to do it affordably. I’ve found that budget travel is not only possible, it’s fun, exciting, and character-building. I hope my articles will encourage people to take a risk and venture to some of this Earth’s amazing places, because more often than not, adventure is 100% achievable.

Basically this blog represents my vehicle for sharing my experiences and travel tips with people. Writing is a wonderful hobby of mine and I often find myself inspired by little things in life. When I’m not sharing travel stories, I like to write about food and recipes, healthy living, and other things that make life so enjoyable.

See my Published Work for travel articles I have written for other websites.

My email is gabbyb12@msn.com, for anyone who wishes to contact me.

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