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Hi readers!!!!☀

(Too eager?? I get very excited when anyone reads my blog and I won’t try and hide it.)

My name is Gabby Boucher. I’m 24 years old from the USA, currently floating around random places and trying to figure my life out. Sounds cliché, am I right?

I studied International Relations and Communications in university, and since graduating in 2016 I’ve been traveling for fun, volunteering abroad and working in hospitality.

I don’t have rich parents or a high-paying career; I don’t even get paid for this blog. Being frugal, learning how to travel on a budget, and working hard in various jobs has allowed me to travel as much as I have, and I wouldn’t change a thing about my life.

Currently, I’m living in Australia and working on my freelance travel writing. I’m writing for two amazing and helpful websites: Worldpackers and NOMADasaurus. They both promote budget travel and immersive cultural experiences, so check them out!

Basically this blog is my vehicle for sharing my experiences and travel tips with people. Writing and photography are wonderful hobbies of mine and I often find myself inspired by the little things in life.

I hope my articles will encourage people to take a risk and venture to some of this Earth’s amazing places.  More often than not, adventure is more accessible AND more affordable than it seems.

Check out How To Afford Travelling The World In Your 20’s for my ultimate guide to traveling on a budget and living this sort of sporadic but enriching lifestyle. I always get the question from people my age: “How do you travel?” and even more often: “How do you afford to travel?”. This article answers those questions.

See my Published Work for articles I have written for other websites.

My email is gabbyb12@msn.com, for anyone who wishes to contact me.

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