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Hi readers!!!!☀

(Too eager?? I get very excited when anyone reads my blog and I won’t try to hide it.)

My name is Gabby Boucher.

I grew up in a small town in the middle of the woods in central Massachusetts, USA. I moved to Tampa, Florida, when I turned 18 to study International Relations and Communications in university.

Though I spent most of my life in a small town, my parents both worked internationally so I was introduced to travel at a young age. My family lived in Italy and England when I was young, and it was a return visit to Europe when I was 18 that REALLY got me hooked on traveling.

So I spent my third year of university studying in London, where I become pretty much addicted to traveling at any chance I got. I started this blog right before I moved to the UK to document my travels.

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Post-Grad Travels

Once I graduated from university in 2016, I realized I still had no idea what career path I wanted to take but I was certain I wanted to keep traveling.

So I started doing work exchanges through Worldpackers and Workaway. Once I discovered I could gain work experience AND travel without spending much money, I was hooked.

Since then, my life has been back-and-forth between working in hospitality to save money for traveling and then spending that money traveling and volunteering.

During this journey I’ve developed passions for hiking, yoga, food, wine, and photography. I also bring my obsession for dogs with me on the road, and I love making international dog friends. 

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Budget Travel

Because I’ve never followed a high-paying career path and I’m often moving around, I’ve had to learn to be frugal so I can afford to travel.

My strategy is simple: work as hard as I can when I’m in one place, save as much money as possible, and then spend as little as possible while on the road.

Money-saving is now ingrained in my soul at this point, and every time I travel somewhere new I look for the cheapest ways to enjoy that place. I’ve started to fall so in love with eating street food and working for my accommodation that I can’t imagine traveling any other way.

I named this blog Budget Travel With Gabby because my biggest goal is to show that travel doesn’t have to be expensive. It will blow your mind how cheap travel can be if you give it a try!

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What am I up to now?

Currently, I’m living with my boyfriend in Sydney, Australia. I’m sort of settled down at the moment, which is rare for me. I’m using this time to work, save money (of course) and continue working on my blog.

I’ve spent more time in Australia than anywhere else recently and I’m not mad about it. This country is gorgeous and I feel lucky to live here. I’ve had some wild experiences in my last 2 years in Australia and I’ve written articles about all of them!

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Affiliate Links

I also just want to mention that I have some affiliate links scattered throughout my posts. For those who don’t know, that just means I include links to some of my favorite websites, tours, or products, and if you purchase something then I get a tiny commission.

I only promote businesses that I personally have used and genuinely recommend. Some of the websites I have affiliate partnerships with include:

All of these websites have actually made traveling much easier for me, so I highly recommend them!

How to contact me

I love hearing from people so feel free to reach out at any time!! Even if it’s constructive criticism or there’s something you don’t like about my blog, I’d love to hear it.

Use the contact form below or email me at gabbyb12@msn.com.

I’m available for freelance writing assignments, preferably travel-related!

Feel free to contact me about any writing work, and check out my Published Work for articles I have written for other websites.

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