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Solo Budget Traveler’s Guide To Croatia

This detailed itinerary for the solo traveler in Croatia emphasizes how to explore the country on a budget.   Resting on the Mediterranean Sea with a foot lodged into Eastern Europe, Croatia represents a melting pot of culture, cuisine, and natural scenery. Traveling through this small country allows one to explore gorgeous national parks, wander …

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A Day In Aveiro, Portugal

This beautiful seaside Portuguese town is the perfect day trip from Porto, especially while on a backpacker budget. Day trips are the secret weapons of budget travel. You can venture out from the popular, well-known cities and spend a day wandering through unfamiliar streets and discovering hidden gems of foreign countries. In the northern region …

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A Day In Kotor, Montenegro

Highlights from a quick little day trip to the breathtaking Bay of Kotor. I love taking day trips while traveling. Though I'd rather fully immerse myself in a new culture and really get to know a place through a longer stay, sometimes a quick stop in an unfamiliar land is refreshing and enlightening. A travel …

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Budget Travel Guide To Budapest, Hungary

A quick, easy, budget travel guide to the Hungarian capital city. The magnificent capital city of Hungary offers a wide array of different experiences due to its division of cultures. The Danube River splits the city into two sections: “Buda”, the older, more historical area packed with monuments, steep hills and majestic castles, and “Pest”, …

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How To See Copenhagen In 48 Hours

A quick guide for exploring Copenhagen, Denmark, in just two days. As a student, time restriction represents one of the biggest challenges of traveling. With classes, clubs, and a job, it can be difficult to try and squeeze in trips without neglecting any important obligations. Furthermore, it can be difficult to truly enjoy a short …

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9 Tips For Seeing Spain On A Budget

How to explore Spain as a study abroad student, while traveling on a budget. There are so many things to love about Spanish culture – from the enticing music, to the welcoming locals, to the rich history, Spain always remains a popular destination for European travelers. As a college student without a substantial or consistent …

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