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Hidden Gems of Europe

8 underrated European cities that offer authentic, intimate travel experiences. Travelers flock to Europe because of all the beautiful cities within close proximity of each other. Paris, Rome, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, all these incredible places attract tourists from all over the world, and these famous cities are absolutely worth a trip. But for those adventurous …

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10 Best Things To See In Croatia

The most worth-while places to visit in this gorgeous eastern European country. As originally published on The College Tourist As a relatively small nation in southeast Europe, Croatia is often overshadowed by more well known Mediterranean destinations like Italy or Greece. But the breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural history of this country has started to attract …

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Riga, Latvia: Discovering Hope in the Bleakness of Winter

Originally published on In The Know Traveler It’s an icy January morning. I’ve just stumbled out of Riga International Airport after a 6AM flight, and I’m trudging through the exhaust-stained slush on my way to the bus station. Which is worse, the dry burn in my throat from the cold I developed overnight or the harsh …

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Travels in Transylvania

A summary of my travels through Romania's charming Transylvanian towns. Two weeks in Romania has allowed me to explore five different towns with many similarities in architectural attractiveness, delicious food, and cozy Transylvanian atmosphere, yet each place offered something unique. Here are the various highlights of my tour through Transylvania, which included busy cities, serene …

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parliament building Budapest Hungary europe travel photo

Hidden Gems of Budapest

Secret spots in Hungary's bustling capital city. As a relatively popular tourist destination, Budapest fulfilled all the expectations I had for this Eastern European city. Full of baroque architecture, heartwarming Christmas markets, stunning churches, delicious food, and elaborate castles, the Hungarian capital did not disappoint when it came to captivating scenery and a sense of …

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