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Hidden Gems of Europe

8 underrated European cities that offer authentic, intimate travel experiences. Travelers flock to Europe because of all the beautiful cities within close proximity of each other. Paris, Rome, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, all these incredible places attract tourists from all over the world, and these famous cities are absolutely worth a trip. But for those adventurous …

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A Brief Tribute to Cities

I think it is safe to say that most people spend copious amounts of time daydreaming about the future. As you get older, your daydreams become more detailed and more realistic. One of my favorite things to think about was always where I would live throughout my life. Would I end up in a sunny beach …

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European Food Appreciation Post

There are few things in this world that excite me more than food. I could discuss recipes, restaurants, health benefits, and any other food-related topic for hours on end. So naturally, my second blog post must illustrate the wonders of food. Because I did not have a blog during my three-week European vacation last summer, I now feel the …

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