Top 13 Things To Do In Florence

The best things to do in Florence, the famous and artistic capital of Tuscany. Florence remains high on many travelers' bucket lists, as it should. As the birthplace of the Renaissance, this beautiful area is home to legendary architecture and world-famous artwork. As the capital of Italy's region of Tuscany, Florence is full of amazing …

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15 Things To Do In Sofia, Bulgaria

The best, budget-friendly activities in Bulgaria's capital. Sofia may not be at the top of many travelers' bucket lists, but it should be. As the second oldest capital city in Europe, Sofia has a rich history and a thriving sense of culture. As a relatively poor nation near the Balkans, Bulgaria is also incredibly cheap. So …

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Why I Fell In Love With Sibiu, Romania

The best love is unexpected love. When something new just appears seemingly out of nowhere and snatches up your heart, encompassing you in a whirlwind of happiness, adoration, and passion, there is simply no greater joy. This is why I love traveling to unexpected destinations. Popular tourist cities are so well-known that however stunning they …

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Highlights of Interlaken, Switzerland

This weekend, I finally got to venture beyond the Italian border and work as a tour guide in Switzerland. Aside from dealing with long overnight buses, the responsibility of helping students plan their weekend, and gloomy, inclement weather, I had an unforgettable weekend in Switzerland's Adventure Capital. The highlights of my trip to Interlaken are …

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Hidden Gems of Europe

8 underrated European cities that offer authentic, intimate travel experiences. Travelers flock to Europe because of all the beautiful cities within close proximity of each other. Paris, Rome, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, all these incredible places attract tourists from all over the world, and these famous cities are absolutely worth a trip. But for those …

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