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15 Amazing Places To Visit In Italy

There are so many amazing places to visit in Italy. Here are some of my favorites! Italy is easily one of the most visited countries in Europe.  Known for its fresh and delicious cuisine, its impressive ancient landmarks, its vast history and its passionate, heartwarming culture, Italy is worth all the hype.  Many travelers visit …

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Amsterdam Budget Travel Guide

This Amsterdam budget travel guide will hopefully help future travelers explore this famous city cheaply! Amsterdam is one of those cities that every traveler has an image of in their mind before they've been there. I just spent a weekend in Amsterdam, and the city definitely fulfilled my expectations. I saw the scenic canals, the …

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7 Incredible Volunteer Opportunities Around The World

7 volunteer opportunities around the world, perfect for open-minded and adventurous budget travelers. If you've browsed through my blog before, you'll know that I am a huge fan of volunteering abroad. It is an amazing way to experience different cultures, learn new skills, meet lovely people, and save money while traveling. I've written a few …

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20 Non Touristy Places In Europe

Hidden gems, local secrets, off-the-beaten-path destinations, or whatever you choose to call them, here are 20 of my favorite non touristy places in Europe! Europe is very high on many people's travel wishlist. As it should be! Physically, it is quite small compared to other continents. You can fly from one side to the other …

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10 Incredible Things To Do In Interlaken, Switzerland

10 of the most amazing things to do in Interlaken, Switzerland.  This past weekend, I had my first gig as an international tour guide in Switzerland. I helped lead a weekend trip to Interlaken with Smart Trip, the student tour company I work for in Rome. Aside from dealing with long overnight buses, the responsibility …

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Budget Travel Guide to Aveiro, Portugal

A quick and easy budget travel guide To Aveiro, Portugal! The beautiful seaside Portuguese town of Aveiro makes the perfect day trip from Porto, especially while on a backpacker budget. It is located only one hour away from Porto and it offers a more laid-back, charming atmosphere. Also called the “Venice of Portugal”, Aveiro is known for …

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Budapest Budget Travel Guide

A quick and easy Budapest budget travel guide for those visiting Hungary. The magnificent capital city of Hungary offers lots of different experiences due to its division of cultures. The Danube River splits the city into two sections. “Buda” is the older, more historical area packed with monuments, steep hills, and majestic castles. “Pest” is …

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Budget Travel Tips for Spain

9 budget travel tips for Spain. Traveling Spain doesn't have to be expensive! Spain is a gorgeous Mediterranean country filled with seductive music, flavorful food and wine, and a warm, welcoming culture. The cost of traveling through Spain is pretty average for Europe. It's not as cheap as Portugal or the eastern countries like Romania …

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Best Vegetarian Street Food In Rome

Where to find the best vegetarian street food in Rome, Italy's beautiful capital city. Italian food is like a magnet that attracts travelers to Italy. Full of carbs, simple flavors, and fresh ingredients, Italian dishes always satisfy the heart as well as the tastebuds. Eating street food is cheaper than eating in restaurants, as most budget …

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6 Reasons To Visit The Czech Republic

Reasons to visit the Czech Republic while traveling in Europe! After I booked my flight from Rome to the Czech Republic, I had no idea what to expect. I was meeting two friends there, one of whom was born and raised in a small town called Čelákovice about 40km from Prague. We let him plan …

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