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Hidden Gems of Europe

8 underrated European cities that offer authentic, intimate travel experiences. Travelers flock to Europe because of all the beautiful cities within close proximity of each other. Paris, Rome, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, all these incredible places attract tourists from all over the world, and these famous cities are absolutely worth a trip. But for those …

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6 Ways To Truly Enjoy Berlin, Germany

No European tour is complete without a trip to Berlin. This modest yet magnificent city represents the fiery spirit behind the powerful German nation, and the damaged heart of a tragically significant history. Colorful and cosmopolitan, Berlin also represents the soul of a wildly diverse artistic and multicultural community, where creativity weaves itself into the …

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The Key To Happiness: Simplicity and Admiration

Reflecting on beautiful moments in Cologne Germany, and Bath, England. Sometimes the whirlwind of life crowds the mind with endless thoughts and ambitions that seek to detach us from the present moment. We often neglect to stop and admire their surroundings because future plans and past regrets cling to our attention and distract us from …

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