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My 25 Favorite Books For Traveling

25 book recommendations that are great for traveling OR will inspire you to travel. I once read a quote that said: "Books are the training weights of the mind". Whether you are reading a lighthearted, fun story or a heavy book packed with knowledge, you are allowing your mind to explore, learn, grow, and escape …

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How To Find The Cheapest Flights Abroad

How to find the cheapest flights so you can travel the world for very little money. Flying around the world does not have to be expensive. For all those people who have the urge to travel, but are stuck with the notion that traveling is too expensive, I am here to share some magical advice …

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Guide To Working Holiday Visas In Australia (First and Second Year)

All the basic information needed to apply for a Working Holiday Visa in Australia, including some helpful tips for living over here. Australia, the "Land Down Under", the land of picturesque beaches, lush rainforests and vast deserts. Home to intriguing accents, famous landmarks, exotic animals, lazy surf towns and ancient aboriginal mysteries. It’s no surprise …

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Solo Vs. Group Travel

How to combat the downsides and cherish the upsides of  traveling alone, or with friends. Many people ponder the differences between traveling alone and traveling with a group. Both have their perks and their obstacles, but in the end the experience is always rewarding nonetheless. Having done both many times, I'll break down some of …

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How To Afford Travelling The World In Your 20’s

Tips on how to afford travel when you're young & broke. I've written about most of my travels on this blog before, but I still get questions ALL THE TIME about how I maintain a traveling lifestyle. Most of these questions revolve around money, so I want to write a detailed article outlining exactly how …

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Travel Hacks For Europe

Packing and planning tips for the budget traveler in Europe It's no surprise that I love Europe. I will never pass up an opportunity to come back to this small yet diverse continent, and with every visit, I discover something new. I've been giving lots of travel tips to friends recently, including my recommendations for …

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