Published Work

Here are the links to various articles I’ve written for other websites. The themes mainly revolve around budget travel, work exchanges and study abroad, as those are my areas of expertise.

Some of these articles were part of the job description for work exchanges, so for Dreamsea Surf Camp and Las Terrazas De Dana I focused on the experiences and culture of those specific places where I was living.

Many of these have been re-posted as content for my own website, but you can find the original articles through these links. Websites such as The College Tourist and Huffington Post have re-posted my original articles on their websites, so you can find some of my work shared on those platforms as well.


Huffington Post

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Peru: Hiking Up A Rainbow

In The Know Traveler

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Dreamsea Surf Camp Blog

Dynamic Meditation

8 Ways To Get In Touch With Nature

Views From The Volunteers

Worldpackers Travel Blog

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The College Tourist

5 Reasons To Continue Traveling After Studying Abroad

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Hidden Gems Of Europe

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3 Best Hiking Destinations In Great Britain

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Student Universe

How To See Banos, Ecuador In Three Days

6 Day Trips From London

6 Ways To Truly Enjoy Berlin

How To See Copenhagen In 48 Hours

Top Tips For Seeing Spain On A Student Budget

6 Cities In Spain You Can See On A Student Budget

Las Terrazas De Dana Blog

Lloa, Ecuador

Quilotoa Loop, Ecuador