Conquering Rainbow Mountain, Peru

As originally published on GoNomad Months before I traveled to South America, I saw a picture of Rainbow Mountain somewhere on this vast internet. The second my eyes touched the image of the thick stripes of vivid colors plastered across the mountain’s surface, I decided I had to go there. I was determined to see this …

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Solo Vs. Group Travel

How to combat the downsides and cherish the upsides of  traveling alone, or with friends. Many people ponder the differences between traveling alone and traveling with a group. Both have their perks and their obstacles, but in the end the experience is always rewarding nonetheless. Having done both many times, I'll break down some of …

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Featured How To Afford Traveling the world in your 20s, budget travel tips, wanderlust, Australia

How To Afford Travelling The World In Your 20’s

Tips on how to afford travel when you're young & broke. I've written about most of my travels on this blog before, but I still get questions ALL THE TIME about how I maintain a traveling lifestyle. Most of these questions revolve around money, so I want to write a detailed article outlining exactly how …

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