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Rough Guide To Island-Hopping In Thailand

 is·land-hop ˈīləndˌhäp/ verb gerund or present participle: island-hopping "travel from one island to another, especially as a tourist in an area of small islands." The concept of island-hopping overwhelmed me a bit before traveling to the south of Thailand. How do I know what islands to visit? Will "Monsoon Season" ruin the weather? Should I …

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2016 Reflections

All I’ve been hearing for the last month or so is how terrible 2016 was. Between international wars, humanitarian crises, shocking political events, deaths of pop culture icons, natural disasters, and disgusting displays of unnecessary violence, sometimes it seems like the tragedies will never end. One might actually believe that 2016 was “a year from …

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Reunited with the Wilderness

Reflecting on my time hiking in Snowdonia National Park, Wales. Cities explode with commercialism, consumerism, and any other man-made industries you can think of. While living in the midst of an industrial landscape, one can easily feel detached from the natural world. In order to satisfy the craving for unpolluted air, calming silence, and rich …

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