Exploring Scotland

People need to appreciate Scotland more. Europe is so packed with different cultures and geographies that more popular destinations tend to overshadow some amazing parts of the continent. Though Edinburgh is a relatively well-known city, London and Dublin often steal the spotlight when people consider traveling to the British Isles. Also, while the Alps are …

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Conquering England’s Lake District

This weekend I hiked in the Lake District. In other words, I murdered my muscles, froze my body, endangered my life a few times, tested my limits, and gained an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. I will recap this adventure in narrative form, so read on for the story of 20 study abroad students and two …

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parliament building Budapest Hungary europe travel photo

Hidden Gems of Budapest

Secret spots in Hungary's bustling capital city. As a relatively popular tourist destination, Budapest fulfilled all the expectations I had for this Eastern European city. Full of baroque architecture, heartwarming Christmas markets, stunning churches, delicious food, and elaborate castles, the Hungarian capital did not disappoint when it came to captivating scenery and a sense of …

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