San Juan La Laguna Photo Diary

Summary of my day trip to the culturally enriching and artistic town of San Juan La Laguna, in Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. For the last ten days I've been volunteering at GuateSUP, an awesome paddle-boarding tour company in Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. My life here revolves around paddling, yoga and acroyoga, photography, shopping at the local market, …

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Work Exchange: The Best Way To Visit Peru

How I lived, traveled, and worked in Peru for one month, and had the most incredible time. (As originally published on Worldpackers.)   After studying abroad in Europe for a year and traveling all around the continent, I was dying to explore another part of the world. I had just graduated university and had no …

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How To Afford Traveling the world in your 20s, budget travel tips, wanderlust, Zagreb Croatia

Budget Traveler’s Guide To Croatia

This detailed itinerary for the solo traveler in Croatia emphasizes how to explore the country on a budget.   Resting on the Mediterranean Sea with a foot lodged into Eastern Europe, Croatia represents a melting pot of culture, cuisine, and natural scenery. Traveling through this small country allows one to explore gorgeous national parks, wander …

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Solo Vs. Group Travel

How to combat the downsides and cherish the upsides of  traveling alone, or with friends. Many people ponder the differences between traveling alone and traveling with a group. Both have their perks and their obstacles, but in the end the experience is always rewarding nonetheless. Having done both many times, I'll break down some of …

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Sibiu Romania travel tips Eastern Europe

Why I Fell In Love With Sibiu, Romania

The best love is unexpected love. When something new just appears seemingly out of nowhere and snatches up your heart, encompassing you in a whirlwind of happiness, adoration, and passion, there is simply no greater joy. This is why I love traveling to unexpected destinations. Popular tourist cities are so well-known that however stunning they …

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How I Lived in Portugal for One Month and Only Spent 200 Euros

How I was able to travel and live in Portugal for one month on a budget. Within the last year, many people have asked me how I travel. How do I pick my destinations, how can I afford traveling, etc. Being a recent college graduate with no reliable income and no job prospects other than …

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