Traveler’s Guide To Budapest, Hungary

A quick, easy, budget travel guide to the Hungarian capital city. The magnificent capital city of Hungary offers a wide array of different experiences due to its division of cultures. The Danube River splits the city into two sections: “Buda”, the older, more historical area packed with monuments atop steep hills and majestic castles, and …

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How To Survive A Full Year Of Study Abroad

Tips for making the most out of studying abroad for a full year. Many American college students make the wise choice to study abroad, although the majority only embark on a single semester experience. But for those who spend a full school year abroad, some different lifestyle tactics are required to ensure that you can …

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How To Afford Travelling The World In Your 20’s

Tips on how to afford travel when you're young & broke. I've written about most of my travels on this blog before, but I still get questions ALL THE TIME about how I maintain a traveling lifestyle. Most of these questions revolve around money, so I want to write a detailed article outlining exactly how …

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How To See Baños, Ecuador in Three Days

The best things to do in the adventurous city of Baños, Ecuador. A trip to Baños is necessary for anyone looking to dive headfirst into Ecuador’s lush natural scenery. Known as both “The Adventure Capital of Ecuador” and the “Gateway To The Amazon”, Baños allows travelers to immerse themselves in the mystical beauty of nature while …

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9 Tips For Seeing Spain On A Budget

How to explore Spain as a student, without breaking the bank. There are so many things to love about Spanish culture – from the enticing music, to the welcoming locals, to the rich history, Spain always remains a popular destination for European travelers. As a college student without a substantial or consistent source of income, …

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Best Views of the Amalfi Coast

The most beautiful places in Italy's Amalfi Coast. People travel from all over the world to witness the breathtaking views of Italy's Amalfi Coast. Easily accessible from Naples and Rome, the Amalfi Coast makes for a gorgeous summer weekend trip on Italy's western coastline. Here are the best spots to soak in some of Europe's most incredible …

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