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Budget Traveler’s Guide To Croatia

This detailed itinerary for the solo traveler in Croatia emphasizes how to explore the country on a budget.   Resting on the Mediterranean Sea with a foot lodged into Eastern Europe, Croatia represents a melting pot of culture, cuisine, and natural scenery. Traveling through this small country allows one to explore gorgeous national parks, wander …

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Bonding With Elephants In Thailand

Reminiscing about last year's unforgettable elephant bonding day near Chiang Mai. Many people have only seen elephants in zoos or read about them in books. Elephants are only native to Africa and Asia, which leaves quite a few continents without these peaceful giants roaming around. To those living on these lacking continents, the concept of …

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Solo Vs. Group Travel

How to combat the downsides and cherish the upsides of  traveling alone, or with friends. Many people ponder the differences between traveling alone and traveling with a group. Both have their perks and their obstacles, but in the end the experience is always rewarding nonetheless. Having done both many times, I'll break down some of …

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How To Survive A Full Year Of Study Abroad

Tips for making the most out of studying abroad for a full year. Many American college students make the wise choice to study abroad, although the majority only embark on a single semester experience. But for those who spend a full school year abroad, some different lifestyle tactics are required to ensure that you can …

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How To See Copenhagen In 48 Hours

A quick guide for exploring Copenhagen, Denmark, in just two days. As a student, time restriction represents one of the biggest challenges to traveling. With classes, clubs, and a job, it can be difficult to try and squeeze in trips without neglecting any important obligations. Furthermore, it can be difficult to truly enjoy a short …

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